Choose Our Luxury Interior Designers for Your Home Transformation

When you're looking to transform your home with a trendsetting style you need a luxury interior designer. A designer who can create a home environment that enhances enjoyment, showcases your unique personality and exudes timeless style. Run of the mill design just won't do, creating luxurious interiors takes a special eye, talent and touch.

At Timeless Interiors we are luxury interior designers par excellence, with the ability to weave a compelling narrative into any space. We treat every project with care and a fresh creative vision, ensuring our design talent reflects your preferences and individual tastes. With experience in historical and contemporary styles your home can be anything from a tailored, signature style to a striking blend of de'cor. Whatever the case we're sure you'll simply adore the ambitious designs we're able to custom create.

Prestigious Furniture & Decor

Whether you have your own design ideas or would prefer to use our expert creative vision, we will tailor the prestigious decor you're after. We are able to handcraft many stunning options that will go beyond your wildest fantasies and dreams. Your luxury furniture and de'cor will be a perfect balance of proportion, symmetry, geometry, tone, texture and colour. All of these elements will be intertwined for a truly opulent result. Our luxury interior designers will:

  • Plan and furnish to match your lifestyle
  • Choose appropriate decor and styles
  • Cater for any architectural features or limitations

Alongside our interior design expertise we are also leading luxury furniture manufacturers here in Melbourne. We specialise in both custom turnkey furniture and period reproduction pieces including Art Deco, French, Neo Classical, Victorian and Georgian designs. These pieces are lovely crafted, with glorious attention to detail and unique flourishes. All of which will leave you beaming, and your friends green with envy.

Rely on our Experience

When it comes to producing imaginative and creative solutions you can rely on our knowledge, experience and aesthetic vision. With more than 25 years of industry experience we provide exceptional services to clients in Melbourne and Australia-wide.

Principle Interior Designer Mark Wakeling is an Award Winning cabinet maker, French polisher and incredibly experienced interior designer. Mark crafts unique furniture to complement your space and desires. With every project you can expect:

  • Personalised service
  • Experienced and professional design
  • Custom made luxury furniture
  • Detailed planning and creative solutions
  • Highly skilled artisanal craftsmanship
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Personally inspected quality standards

Our Meticulous Process

The design process begins with a meeting in your home, office or executive space to get a feel for your personality and needs, and to also discuss requirements and budget.

We then photograph the room and create detailed plans including style sheets and colour palettes based on your instructions, the flow of the room, the desired look and intended function.From here we offer options and manufacture to specifications for a phenomenal result. Our prestige services are all customisable, which means you are not limited to one style and can combine favoured de'cor elements and features.

Make Your Mark

When you're looking to realise your exclusive interior style choose Melbourne's Timeless Interiors. Our appreciation for beautiful designs and opulent tastes means the sumptuous style you're after is only a call away. Contact us today to find out more, get a quote or see samples of our work.